PV Solar

FleetCare of America, INC. Is an experienced American based company that exports to Africa, quality equipment for mining, road construction, transport, and manufacturing industries.

FleetCare of America, INC. Has been contracted by, and American based company, ACE LLC Solar. They are a manufacturer of industrial battery storage systems that operate with PV Solar. The systems will produce three phase high voltage electricity for industrial applications. ACE LLC Solar has designed, engineered and produced the first ever system to operate and industrial factory and have that factory operate independent of the power grid. FleetCare of America has sole rights to market and supply the solar battery storage systems with TESLA battery technology in Africa.

Our Mission is to be a key player in providing renewable energy, job creation, and a better standard of living for the people of Southern Africa. This technology of battery storage systems that came into existance early in 2014, we are now able to provide a solution to a customer base that needs a industrial product to produce and satisfy customers industrial electrical needs day or night.

The American Trade & Finance Company (ATRAFIN) now offers an expanded range of trade finance solutions with a focus on supporting bilateral trade between the USA/Europe and the emerging market countries of East & West Africa through Project Capital Solutions Kenya Limited. America Trade & Finance Company is a lenders and not broker as it has an operational a Master Guarantee Agreement with the US Ex-Im Bank.

Project Capital Solutions can provide solutions for your customers that your financial services company does not offer. We can finance the transactions your customer presents to you that do not meet your credit standards. We therefore, do not compete with your core products or your customers.